plant-derived synthetic fibers

PlaX is made from polylactic acid using the fermentation process of sugar collected from sugarcane, and can be processed into various types of fabrics by fibrillization. By changing the weaving method and blending materials, a variety of variations in fabric texture and functionality can be created. As a next generation fiber, added characteristics such as antibacterial properties derived from lactic acid are expected, while retaining all the characteristics of conventional synthetic fibers.


In addition to efficiency for the environment,
greater functionality is demonstrated in the fibers.

Lactic acid-derived
antibacterial activity

By utilizing lactic acid activity released from the fibers, PlaX can provide “antibacterial activity” to control bacterial growth. The strong antibacterial effect has been verified for Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Moraxella osloensis.

Sweat and damp-dry
smells are also inhibited

PlaX has a “deodorant” effect. A strong deodorant effect can be expected for Moraxella osloensis, a cause of indoor dried clothes and musty smell, and isovaleric acid which is source of body odors and the smell of old people, etc.

Reduces stress
on skin

Includes excellent quick-drying properties. Depending on the combination of materials, such as highly absorbent cotton, the fiber can demonstrate excellence in both water absorbency and quick-drying properties. In addition, since it is a static-resistant material, stress on skin can be decreased from various aspects.


About PlaX’s Grade

In fiber applications, PlaX’s antibacterial activity can be expected and adjusted by material combination and organization when processed into fabrics and items. various antibacterial grades can be developed according to the properties of the material in order to maximize functionality for each application.

PlaX biowell

By controlling bacterial growth on fibers, greater well-being in daily life can be achieved.

PlaX biocare

With stronger bacterial inhibition effects than biowell, use in hygienic scenes can be expected.

Case Study

Collaboration with brands and manufacturers

Various brands and manufacturers have begun using fabrics containing PlaX.


PlaX is featured in doublet’s fall/winter 2022-23 collection, which includes outerwear, bottoms, and underwear with a witty interpretation of PlaX’s biodegradability.


PlaX’s environmental performance as a plant-derived and biodegradable material, and its functionality as an antibacterial material derived from raw materials, requiring no post-processing, have been highly valued. As a result, they have been incorporated into MARLMARL’s new “Sty” and “Swaddle” products for babies and kids, for the Fall/Winter 2022 season.

Hitotsubu Kanro earth

KANRO CO., LTD. is well known for its KANRO candies and Pure Gummies. The “Hitotsubu Kanro Earth” line of environmentally friendly and sustainable products, which are sold at the company’s directly managed Hitotsubu Kanro stores, now includes a PlaX towel called “Hand Towel for the Earth.


Femtec brand Hogara has released water-absorbing shorts as a collaboration item with its D2C brand bio, which adds quick-drying properties to Hogara’s water-absorbing shorts while maintaining their antibacterial and deodorant properties.

4F’s Personal Gym

The sustainable characteristics of PlaX, as well as its natural antibacterial and deodorizing properties, were highly valued. As a result, the cotton x PlaX jersey material was chosen for the original training wear of “4F’s Personal Gym,” a fully private personal gym operated by COS.


YAMAP, Japan’s largest mountaineering and outdoor platform, has teamed up with Bioworks to release an outdoor-focused cut-and-sew garment made from PlaX and wool. Both materials possess excellent anti-odor properties.

human woman

The “Go Green” project, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of Human Woman, features a border cut-and-sewn jersey material made from a blend of cotton and PlaX.


PlaX has been selected as a material for SHIPS 2023 Spring/Summer Collection, which will feature cut-and-sew and knit items for both men and women.


Rhythm&Balance, a brand that promotes a well-being lifestyle centered around environmentally friendly items that prioritize the connection between the mind, body, and people, has incorporated PlaX cotton dungarees into their product line.”


PlaX™️100% jersey material has been adopted for the original T-shirts of TRUNK(STORE), a concept store operated by TRUNK(HOTEL) that develops and carefully selects items of social contribution called <Socializing>.

Filament yarn

Various fabrics for clothes have been developed with PlaX as the filament yarn. This has greatly improved the physical and staining properties of the fabric, which were once the weak points of polylactic acid. As a plant-derived synthetic fiber which can be a serious alternative to polyester, it is possible to develop not only fashion items and sports and outdoor clothing, but also industrial materials such as fish nets.

Woven Fabric

Up to now, material that could only be made with petroleum-derived synthetic fibers, such as functional sweat suits, fleece and cotton mixed weave textiles, can now be expressed with improved functionality using PlaX.

Staple fiber/Spun yarn

PlaX, has softness and a smooth texture as a spun yarn. By blending it with other fibers such as cotton, wool, linen, etc. not only a high-quality texture, but also antibacterial, deodorant, and quick-drying properties can be provided. Research and development are currently underway with the aim of creating a plant-derived alternative for feather down and inner cotton.

Knit Yarn
Woven Fabric
Jersey Fabric

By adding PlaX to cotton products for which texture is very important, both the texture of cotton and functionality of PlaX can be combined. Even when blended with other natural fibers, the best of each fiber is highlighted while adding the functions of PlaX.

PlaX can be provided in various forms according to the application, from fiber to fabric. A PlaX blend can be customized, such as adjusting the composition of the fabric to satisfy the specifically desired functionalities, including antibacterial and biodegradable properties. Please feel free to contact us.

D2C Brand

Original D2C brand

In order to install PlaX in life, original products are developed and designed, and the D2C brand was developed. We offer items that make people’s lives more comfortable, by not only from the environmental aspect such as biodegradability and carbon neutral, but also with specific functions such as antibacterial, deodorizing, and quick-drying properties.


“bio” is “a wearable skincare brand” specifically for items which come in direct contact with the skin, under the concept of “Anytime Skincare.” The high antibacterial properties of lactic acid promote health care for all body types. Starting with the most basic items that contact the skin in daily life, such as towels and T-shirts, we offer a product lineup to maintain a healthy skin texture.