What is the difference between PlaX™ and polylactic acid?

PlaX is made by adding a proprietary plant-derived modifier to polylactic acid (PLA). In addition to environmental performance of plant-derived, biodegradable polylactic acid, heat resistance, durability and dyeability have been improved. In addition, various applications which were not possible even with polylactic acid, have become possible.

Can I purchase PlaX™ compound in stock?

PlaX™ compounds are sold customized for each customer and each application, and are not currently sold as ready-made stock. We do not sell modifiers (additives) alone, either.

What kind of business deals are possible with PlaX™ fiber?

From short fiber stock cotton and original filament yarn, we handle a variety of yarns, fabrics, and products. We invite potential customers, from manufacturers to brand apparel companies, to contact us for consultation.


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