About Us

Company Bioworks Corporation
CEO Yukihiro Imai
Founded October 21, 2015
Capital 309.57 million yen (includes the legal capital surplus)
Business Domain

Development, manufacture and sales of Plax

Major Shareholders

TBM Co., Ltd.

Kyoto HQ & Lab

Kyoto HQ & Lab
Laboratory Wing 7F , 1-7, Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Souraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0237 See the Map

Tokyo Branch
Oshimaya Bldg 3F, 2-22-5, Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032 See the Map

Our Executive Team

Representative Director & CEO Yukihiro Imai

1979 Nagase & Co., LTD
1985 Hong Kong Branch NAGASE & Co., LTD
2005 Managing Director of Osaka Sales Branch, Department of Industrial Material NAGASE & Co., LTD
2010 KYOWA & Co., LTD
2013 Managing Director NAGASE & Co., LTD
2015 Representative Director & CEO Bioworks Co.

Board of Director & CTO Takahiko Terada

1992 Panasonic Corporation
2005 Worked for the Development of PLA Synthesis Method
2007 Bioworks Co.
2008 CEO Bioworks Co.
2017 Director of CTO Bioworks Co.

Part-time Director Nobuyoshi Yamasaki

Started a secondhand car sales business after graduating junior high school
2011 Established TBM Co.Ltd, and became the Representative Director & CEO
2016 Received the ‘Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Award' of Japan Venture Awards
2016 Received The Social Impact Award by Plug and Play Tech Center.
2017 Received the ‘Japan US Innovation Awards’ held at Stanford University
2018 Outside Director at Bioworks Co.

Part-time Director Tomoya Nakamura

2008 Accenture Co.,Ltd
2015 Materials & Energy Division Senior Manager Accenture Co.,Ltd
2017 TBM Co.,Ltd
2018 Part-time Corporate Auditor at Bioworks Co.

Outside Director Haruhiko Arai

2002 Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
2009 Deloitte Tohmatsu Risk Services Co.,Ltd
2013 DWANGO Co.,Ltd.
2017 Regional Economy Vitalization Corporation of Japan Senior Manager
2018 Department of Business Administration and Sales Management Director DIP Co.,Ltd
2018 Outside Director Bioworks Co.

Part-time Auditor Kenji Fukahori

1993 Joined The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank,Ltd. (current Mizuho Bank, Ltd. )
2001 Joined Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Investment Bank
2010 Registered Lawyer, Japan Federation of Bar Associations
2010 Joined Yaesu Sogo Law Office
2016 Director of TBM Co., Ltd.

PLA, a material that was given attention for the possibility to develop
an environmentally friendly plastic of our dreams 20 years ago.
However, it did not disseminate
due to its characteristic of poor heat resistance and moldability.

We could not leave this dream.
Our spirit to succeed gave birth to
a revolutionary material,
that is Plax.

In order to bring PLA into practical use,
we have put our efforts into developing
a modifier for the new material.
We have accumulated the necessary know-how
in order to develop a highly functional PLA
with heat resistance, durability, and flexibility.

For the future of human beings and for a sustainable world,
an unprecedented challenge to save our planet has started.
The planet is screaming in pain. The die is cast.

Board Of Director CTO Takahiko Terada

For a harmonious coexistence between the organisms on earth, and the earth’s resources, we are following the ideology of creating new values through chemistry. I have been working as a technical expert for a major firm. However, I have felt a limit to the currently taken measures such as recycling in the face of the environmental issues. Therefore I have decided to put myself into a new setting where one can carry out R&D for a new material and have continued the preparation for its business.
I will accelerate development using the fundamental and technical knowledge in chemistry from University years. And also from the experience of conducting over 100 patent applications as a strength.By bringing new values to society through providing our new material, we will contribute in finding solutions to the environmental issues, and at the same time will establish a position as an “Only one” company in specializing Bioplastics.

Representative Director & CEO Yukihiro Imai

Since starting work, I have been engaged with many businesses in the field of plastic for nearly 40 years. After many major firms participating but never realizing the development of PLA, I have big hopes with Bioworks.
In the circumstance of the world starting to understand the limitation of petroleum-based plastics, we are striving to build an environmentally-specialized new business model that utilizes the PLA’s characteristic of biodegradability. For humans, the earth and to preserve a beautiful Japan, we will attempt to create an unparalleled bioplastic business through the cultivated experience and technique.