Expanding The Molding Capability With PlaX

We also help in commercialization in addition to R&D. We have accumulated the know-how for PlaX, the highly functional PLA compound, to be used for various products. It is possible to be molded into different products without being mixed with other resins. The existing molds for conventional plastics such as PP and PET can be used, as well with the same molding time.

Injection Molding Compound

Application: Automotives, OA devices, Home appliance, Daily necessaries, General goods
We will provide molding materials that can serve various needs including heat resistance, shock resistance, flexibility, flame retardant, durability.

Blow Molding Compound

Application: Automotive (e.g. Aeroparts), Bottles, Mannequins
It is possible to manufacture a heat-resistant bottle without the risk of bursting or losing transparency through the injection blow molding method. Large-scale blow molding is also possible without drawdown.

Fiber Compound

Application: Natural Fiber Material
It has the same extent of strength and stretchiness as polyester but only shrinks by 1/10.
It is proven to have the same level of productivity and a consistent thickness of thread in the manufacturing process as nylon resin. The fiber is acescent, antibacterial, and gentle to the skin.

Film And Sheet Compounds

Application: Lunch Box Container, Coffee Cup Lids
High heat resistance (140-degree Celsius) and transparency are achieved for food and beverage container lids at a similar level of those made from PET and OPS. It also has a high low-temperature impact resistance, and therefore can possibly replace PP. Since it is a plant-derived resin, there are no concerns for endocrine disruption.

3D printer monofilament

Under DevelopmentUnder Development
The filament made of the PLA modified by the proprietary developed additive is far better than the conventional PLA product. The surface treatment is possible as it holds the characteristic similar to the ABS resin. Because it crystalizes at room temperature, there is no concern for deformation in the summer season or by boiling temperature water as it has a high heat resistance. It has almost no shrinkage, and therefore curvatures are preventable.

We help manufacture trial products using a 3D printer. For any customers who would like to manufacture eco-friendly products, or have given up on bioplastics due to functionality such as heat resistance or cost, feel free to contact us.