Transparent and heat-proof PLA sheet

Bioworks succeeded in increasing the heat-proof temperature, which was one of the weaknesses of polylactic acid, to 140℃ by adding our proprietary reforming agent to polylactic acid, while realizing high transparency.

This is the world’s first general-purpose resin that is transparent and undeformable with microwave heating. Also, it is safe and associated with no issue of environmental hormone as it is made of plant-derived raw materials.


Transparent and heat-proof polylactic acid sheet

1.Transparency & heat resistance

It has heat resistance superior to that of conventional materials used for foods, and accordingly it may be used with hot water and microwave heating.


2.Excellent low-temperature impact strength

It has low-temperature impact strength superior to that of PP for frozen/heating foods.



3.Environmental compatibility

It is not only biodegradable but also contributes to a reduction of greenhouse gases.


4.Easy molding

It can be molded easily by the same molding machine and in the same cycle time as conventional resins such as PP and PET.



Transparent, heat-proof lid


High heat resistance was exhibited while transparency of polylactic acid was maintained.

The lid was not deformed when it was heated by microwave (500W for 3 min.) and boiling water was poured from the container.



Transparent, heat-proof bottle

High heat resistance was exhibited while transparency of polylactic acid was maintained.

The bottle was not deformed when water in it was heated to its boiling temperature by microwave (500W for 3 min.).



Heat resistance comparison with PET bottles


Bioworks succeeded in making transparent heat-proof bottles 100% made from commercial polylactic acid with a conventional PET mold by adding our proprietary additive.

This made it possible to produce plastic bottles that are 100% bio-based, biodegradable, and compatible with hot water and microwaving on a commercial scale.