Our Technologies

Bioworks additive to make high-performance plastics

After repeated trials and errors, the world’s attempts to draw sufficient performance (heat resistance, strength, and flexibility, etc.) from corn-derived bio-plastic “polylactic acid” failed. Bioworks, however, made the dream come true.

With our proprietary technologies, we successfully developed high-performance plastics based on natural raw materials. We realized performance equivalent or superior to general petroleum-derived resin in production cost, heat resistance, strength, and flexibility, etc. by using polylactic acid as a base with the addition of our proprietary additive.




Differences from conventional bio-plastics

Conventionally, petroleum resin and non-biodegradable materials had to be mixed to ensure cost effectiveness and formability, but Bioworks’ products are 100% bio-based plastics including the proprietary additive.



Reforming technology: an example case of polylactic acid R&D for enhanced functionality

Below is an example of function enhancement. Plastic properties such as heat resistance, strength, and flexibility, etc. were substantially improved by adding about 5% of our proprietary additive to commercial polylactic acid.