Comparison of crystallization speed

Our proprietary additive is not only made from plant-derived raw materials, but significantly improves the polylactic acid crystallization speed in comparison with conventional nucleating agents with a novel crystallization promotion mechanism. This allows for processing of polylactic acid through the same molding processes as general resins. Also, molding at a temperature of below 100℃ is allowed at regulated water temperature, which offers vast possibilities in molding applications.


Cooling rate and crystallinity

Conventionally, cooling rate, which is the essential factor in injection molding, had to be kept low (i.e. longer cooling time) due to the difficulty of crystallization of conventional reformed polylactic acid. However, polylactic acid with Bioworks additive can be crystallized much faster.

※According to our research.




Mold temperature and molding time

Below is the correlation between mold temperature and molding time up to crystallization to a sufficiently solid state to be taken out from a mold. Polylactic acids (1) and (2) without the additive takes over 1 hour (3600 sec.) for solidification in the mold, but both acids can be crystallized in less than 1/100 of the time when our additive is added. (According to a Bioworks internal study)

※According to our research.